Strivyn Pioneers are the vulnerable, including:

The poor;

Those with severe mental health;

And those with learning disabilities.

Pioneers work with Strivyn, whilst supported in self-employment by our partners and us!

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Safety and Security
All Round Support
Mutual Collaboration

With the Right Support, Great Things Can Happen

20% of the working age population have reported that they are disabled. Equally the number of people disabled with a severe mental health condition or learning disability is more than 2 million in the UK alone. Pioneers are vulnerable individuals without or with care requirements who partner and work with Strivyn to earn an income, whilst self-employed. Strivyn and our partners help give Pioneers the support they need to operate their own business - with that support involving all functions of running their business except doing their marketing to boost their income without additional cost.

What We Offer

The support we offer is separated into several key activities, all which come together to enable vulnerable individuals without or with care needs to be able to earn an income whilst being a part of something bigger.

Simple Tasks

Simplified marketing tasks that enable Pioneers to carry out their activities of attracting and building a customer base in their locality, potentially with carers from care partners who have agreed to enhance the Pioneers support.

Full Service

Customers using Strivyn attracted by Pioneers are supported on Strivyn as individuals whose experience is of paramount importance. Our customer care team enable Pioneers to continue their businesses without the complications and challenges of serving customers through the entire business process and cycle.

Fully Delivered

Pioneers do not have to worry about who will operate the business side of things. Such as, buying stock and fulfilling the orders. Strivyn does all the heavy lifting so that Pioneers do not need to worry about the core components of running a business.

Excellence Given

Strivyn continuously maintains and improves the business to keep it growing, enabling Pioneers to continue with their activities to earn an income in the most simplest of ways. This results in work that they can do without leading to a worsening of their situation, disability, or health condition.

Built for Pioneers, by Pioneers

Strivyn and the Strivyn Pioneers Programme is specifically built by some of those we serve, in order to enhance the opportunities for the world and every creation in it. An extraordinary world by extraordinary people! Our emphasis is on expanding impact in a compounding way.

Heck, the world needs us!

One-For-All, All-For-One, Mentality
Full package support
Creatively Created

The Global Benefits of Strivyn

Strivyn is a platform specifically for individuals who want to give more to the world, but equally want more out of it. A uniquely compounding effort all in the name of doing good.

Planting More Trees

Preventing Unstable Weather

Investing In Green

Feeding The Hungry

Delivering Clean Water

Purifying The heart

Increasing One's Knowledge

Sharing Bounty Everywhere

How we work

Strivyn and our partners and suppliers do not take part in, encourage, or tacitly or explicitly support actions that are contrary to Islam. This is In line with our principles of working within the framework of Islam according to the Quran and authentic prophetic hadith, which do not contradict with the Quran, whilst using scientific knowledge to provide goods and services to others, whether paid or philanthropic.

Even though this is the case, anyone may purchase or use our services subject to our terms and conditions, our charter, and our frameworks and policies.

What Our Clients Say

"So this project brings me hope and makes my health much better, keeps me going in life, and supports me towards a goal that I can actually get to. Supporting me in so many ways that you can't imagine. I get to help people, even though I get support for myself. It makes me happy in so many ways."

Richard K, London

Current Opportunities

Up and down the country, there are a multitude of opportunities available for individuals interested in being a Pioneer. Learn more about our pioneers opportunities below. (subject to eligibility)

Those Of Poverty


Tasks: Outdoor marketing

12 month package

  • Initial Stock Credits
  • Benefits Support*

Severe Mental Health

Potentially Carer Supported*

Tasks: Outdoor marketing

12 month package (Renewable in months 9 - 12)

  • Benefits Application Support
  • Potentially Carer Supported*
  • Potential Personal fitness programme
  • Potential Ongoing counselling
  • Technology supported recovery
  • Technology supported stability

* we work with a select few organisations who offer care who you would need to use for this opportunity

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